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Thought Leadership How ‘Retail of Tomorrow’ Resembles X-Men’s Mystique: Shapeshifting, Omnipresent, and Ever More Disruptive June 2018— Amidst varied discussions on wearable tech, spoken commerce, connected cities and proximity targeting, WPP’s Global Retail Forum this June helped marketers sketch out a first draft of the ‘retail of tomorrow,’ and it seems to resemble my favorite X-men character, Mystique, in many surprising ways. Here’s why: There are no clearly defined ‘shapes’ for […] Continue Reading
Thought Leadership Connections, Balance and Inclusion at WPP Stream Brazil En route to Brazil, somewhere in the air between New York and Salvador de Bahia, I struggled to order a cappuccino. My flight attendant spoke Portuguese. The woman sitting next to me translated my fumbling words. Later, cappuccinos in hand, we realized we were both headed to the first ever WPP Stream in Latin America—e […] Continue Reading
Thought Leadership Coffee, Data and Female Leadership – the Indonesian Style For two days in mid-April, advertising and marketing leaders from both client and agency sides gathered in Yogyakarta, Indonesia for WPP’s annual Stream Unconference. Aside from heavenly Balinese coffee and zen-ful morning yoga, Stream Indonesia 2018 was full of thought-provoking conversations about the future of our trade and our ever-evolving roles to make it better. […] Continue Reading