WPP’s Data Alliance and P:Cubed Announce Data Partnership in South Africa

Agreement provides WPP operating companies with premier access to P:Cubed's data universe to enhance insights, creative and media in South Africa

By: WPP's Data Alliance

WPP’s Data Alliance, the unit that supports “data horizontality” across WPP by increasing data access and empowering data-driven solutions, announced a partnership that equips WPP operating companies with consumer profile data from P:Cubed, a leading South African marketing services provider.

Procured by WPP’s Data Alliance, the partnership will provide value to WPP companies in the region including Ogilvy  &  Mather, Wunderman’s Aqua, Acceleration, TMARC, Platform 5 and Smollan.

The partnership streamlines access to P:Cubed’s 2700 fields of data on over 42.8 million economically active South African consumers. P:Cubed’s statistical techniques allow profiling of life stage, financial affluence, spend preference and more.

In line with WPP’s focus on growing global data assets, the partnership enables WPP companies to be more effective and deliver enhanced services in South Africa. By utilising data from P:Cubed, WPP companies can uncover unique consumer insights and optimise campaign planning and  execution.

“WPP is always looking to be smarter with data,” said Devon Tighe, Managing Director of WPP’s Data Alliance Africa. “This partnership enables WPP companies to access P:Cubed’s rich dataset, the largest universe of consumer profile attributes in South Africa.”

“We have invested close to a decade converting raw data sources into consumer engagement personas that help clients understand customers from a demographic, economic, behavioural and lifestyle point of view,” said Anton Grutzmacher, Head of Marketing Services. “This partnership will drive mutual growth for P:Cubed and WPP companies and enable us to further unlock the power of data for clients in the South African market.”

“Having access to consumer data that can help inform, validate or refute our marketing communications work is of tremendous value,” said Greg Streatfield, Head of Data and Analytics, Ogilvy & Mather South Africa. “P:Cubed is an industry-leading solutions provider that can help us win competitive advantage for our clients.”

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